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Dear Participant:

We are pleased to present you with information describing the pension benefits provided by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and Participating Food Industry Employers Tri-State Pension Plan ("the Plan").  This website is designed to acquaint you with some of the important provisions of the Plan and to provide you with access to applications and other important forms in "downloadable" format.

 The Plan was developed in collective bargaining between the Union and the Original Employer Signatories to provide pension benefits payable to eligible Employees who retire because of age or disability.  This website will provide you with the latest available information about the Plan.  Please use this website to learn more about the Plan.

If you have any questions about your pension benefits, please call the Fund office at (610) 941-4282 or toll free 1-866-928-8329.


Wendell W. Young, IV   Dan Dosenbach
 Wendell W. Young, IV         Dan Dosenbach
 Chairman           Secretary



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